Wood’s Homes Research

Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS)

Wood’s Homes has been reporting client outcomes using the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) for over 15 years to guide individual client treatment plans and overall service provision by programs.

CAFAS is a multi-dimensional rating tool that consists of eight subscales: school/work, home, community, behaviour towards others, moods and emotions, self-harm, substance use and thinking. Each of the subscales are used to assess the degree of functional impairment in children, ages (6 to 17), with behavioural, emotional or substance-use problems.

The Wood’s Homes agency completion rate for CAFAS assessments was higher in 2014 compared to previous years with 91.9% completion in 2014, compared to 88.7% in 2013.

Overall, the agency achieved clinically meaningful change at discharge for children and youth discharged in 2014, and 68.0% (n=176) had positive outcomes at discharge, either improving in score or maintaining typical development.

CAFAS infographic