Wood’s Homes Research

Where Our Clients Come From

Location (only includes clients with a reported location (n=16,104)

88.3% (n=14,220) of clients from Calgary

9.3% (n=1,505) of clients from outside Calgary, within Alberta

2.4% (n=379) of clients from outside Alberta, within Canada


Client Demographics

In recent years, Wood’s Homes has implemented an electronic tracking system for all clients through the Kinark Information Database Systems (KIDS). KIDS is used to gather confidential information regarding clients and the services they are provided. This database has enabled programs to obtain quick access to data for case management and enabled the Research Department to gather aggregate data around clients and services in an unprecedented way. The following detailed demographics are the result of this shift.


Number of service usage within each program area

Crisis and Counselling: 16,256

Community Residential: 520

Street Services: 10,211

Family Support and Outcome Based Service Delivery Programs: 883

Specialized Learning Centres: 475

Intensive Residential programs: 346



Number of unique children and family within each program area (includes repeat clients across program areas)

Crisis and Counselling: 15,055

Community Residential: 394

Street Services: 1,475

Family Support and Outcome Based Service Delivery Programs: 835

Specialized Learning Centres: 450

Intensive Residential programs: 234


Wood’s Homes, like the City of Calgary, embraces diversity as a community asset. We work with a number of clients who honour different cultures and we pride ourselves in providing cultural-diversity training. We celebrate it in many ways in our programs and services.

The population of Calgary in 2014 stood at 1,195,194 – up 38,508 residents from 2013. * 11.6% of Calgarians are age 5 to 14, and 6.1% of Calgarians are age 15 to 19.*

Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada with the highest immigrant population next to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. By 2020, Calgary’s total immigrant population is estimated to reach almost a half million.**

Diversity infographic