Annual message from Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jane Matheson

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We hosted the Grand Celebration of our 100th Anniversary and our Annual General Meeting in September of last year. Typically our AGMs are held in June, so this past year (October 2014 to June 2015) was a short one. But it was shaped by two things: the culmination of 12 months of anniversary celebrations, and then preparing for, and successfully completing, our Accreditation process in early June.

Both events kicked it out of the park!

They each required an enormous amount of work, commitment, creativity and good fortune as well as collective participation from a lot of people inside and outside the organization to work so well.

Both events were hard work, relentless, affirming and fun, too! What is better than that?

Of course, many other events occurred during this time as life does go on:

  1. We gained or started new programs: Whole Family Treatment Program (at Vermilion Energy Family Centre), YCSP (Youth Community Support Program), LEAD (Linking Employment Abilities and Development – with thanks to Starbucks, Virgin Unite and the United Way)
  2. We lost a couple of programs also (ROOFS, some Calgary Board of Education therapists)
  3. We transformed a program or two (Eagle Moon Aboriginal Resources, Harmony House)
  4. We weathered a few dangerous and disturbing storms with clients
  5. We made succession plans for the future
  6. We trained, wrote and taught
  7. We held Town Halls and Symposiums and offered our locations as meeting venues for others
  8. We managed community complaints and turned upset people into friends
  9. We created clinical approaches and collected data that informs practice – we are better every year at this
  10. We advertised for the Wood’s Homes Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health…still searching for the perfect person

The list could go on. A simple thank you will have to suffice for what really is a big deal.

Thank you for a great many things – thank you to every person who supported us through our 100th birthday, our Accreditation process, our ups and downs in communities and inside programs.

Thank you to the Wood’s Homes Boards of Directors for being the very best advisors, mentors and supporters any organization could wish for. Thank you to each and every staff member for being diligent, and steadfast. And as always, thank you to our clients for teaching us so much about what it means to be human.

We look to the next 100 years now with our long-term goal front and centre – call us . . . we can help..
It’s a message to every child, youth, parent in Canada who finds themselves in trouble.
We will be there.

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